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Irrigation Automation

Canal Gate Control with water level monitoring. This is a real-time SCADA IoT system that gives you gate position control with Email and Text alarms.

Canal Level and delivery flow meter monitoring

Water Projects and Flood Alerts

Surface water retention pond monitoring and alarming.


Low water crossing alerts


In-stream flow calculations and monitoring and accounting. 


Standpipe water level

 Piezometer monitoring


Water Quality Monitoring with YSI Sonde Turbity Instrumentation 

Weir Flow Monitoring 

Water Temperature Monitoring 

Weather Station 

Equipment Monitoring and Asset Tracking

Monitor your equipment run contacts, system pressure and GPS location

Wine Vineyards

Monitor your Wine Vineyards Soil Monitor Content, Soil Water Potential, Air Temp / Humidity, Leaf Wetness, and turn on/off your irrigation system all with one device.

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